Great educational resource

SportFuel® has always been a great educational resource for my nutritional needs, both in season and out of season. It has also gotten me through multiple injuries and helped me return to play as a better, stronger athlete!

Anna Bross

Augustana Soccer Player

A huge part of my everyday routine

Eat Like the Pros is a huge part of my everyday routine. Heading into the playoffs after 82 regular season games, I feel as strong and as healthy as I did in training camp in September. Making sure my body is ready to perform is very important, and Eat Like the Pros along with Julie Burns have helped me incredibly.

Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks

Recover faster, sustain energy longer, and prevent injuries

SportFuel® has completely changed the way I approach my nutrition. As an elite athlete, I always had an awareness that my food was my fuel. However, it wasn’t until I started working with SportFuel® that I really understood the different types of fuel that I needed to put in my body in order to compete at a high level on a consistent basis. Some of the benefits from the nutritional recommendations made by SportFuel® have help me sleep more sound, recover faster, sustain energy longer and prevent injuries. SportFuel® is not just for elite athletes, it is for our future generation of elite athletes too. SportFuel® has presented at the Kendall Coyne Hockey Camp for five straight years. It is important that the 100-plus girls at the camp start to build a foundational awareness of their nutritional habits and I couldn’t think of a better group of people to teach them than SportFuel® .

Kendall Coyne Schofield

Team USA Women's National Hockey Team, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, 6x World Champion, Founder of the Kendall Coyne Hockey Camp

Helping me fix my ailments

As I have gotten older, I’ve realized just how important the food you eat and the supplements you take are to maintain a good, healthy outlook on life and a healthy psyche. I came to SportFuel needing help with what I figured was, and found out later on to be, leaky gut syndrome. I was very fortunate to get the help it took for me to heal, which included a lot of patience and time spent helping me fix my ailments.

Alan Rose

CEO of Rose Management Company

Recover faster, sustain energy longer, and prevent injuries

Before working with Alexandria, I was coming off an injury and immediately began training for a marathon. Because I knew how taxing training was on my body, I needed to reach out to a nutritionist who could help me reach my goals. I knew right away I was on the right track to achieve my goals. Alexandria’s dedication, knowledge, passion, support and yes, tough love throughout this process allowed me to PR quite a few races. She took the time to understand me as a person and taught me how to incorporate nutrition with my marathon/running training and daily routines instead of just telling me what to do or eat. Alex cares about her clients and provides the support, resources, suggestions and recommendations needed throughout the entire process. She goes above and beyond. This is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you, Alexandria!

Blanka Loffelmann

Personalized Performance Program

Advice and inspiration

After I retired, my eating habits headed in the wrong direction. Without the advice and inspiration from Julie and SportFuel, who knows where I would be now. Thank you!

Troy Murray

Chicago Blackhawks

Do my job the best that I can

Being involved with COVID-19 every shift can be very scary for us as caregivers. My emotions vary from despair for my patients affected by the virus, fear for my team’s safety and respect for the gravity of the virus. That’s why knowing that my system is supported gives me the next-level advance that I need to perform at my potential and do my job the best that I can no matter the circumstances!

Moira Gilroy

Chicago Nurse

Helped me personalize my nutrition fueling program

SportFuel helped me personalize my nutrition fueling program that makes me feel my best and optimize my performance.

Brandon Saad

Chicago Blackhawks

Customized nutrition programs

I have been working with Julie Burns for over thirty years. In my opinion her approach to customized nutrition programs based upon nutritional needs and goals is more innovative than a one-size-fits-all program. Additionally, I believe the way she keeps up with continually evolving research and advancements in performance nutrition and recovery, and how she implements this information into her approach, puts her ahead of the competition.

Mike Gapski

ATC, Head Trainer

A very scientific and specific approach

As the owner of a sports science facility and the Director of Sports Science for Tennis Canada, I am always looking for people who take a scientific approach to their profession. When I found SportFuel, I was very impressed with their targeted approach to applying nutrition, and when Tennis Canada was looking for a place to send some of their top juniors and top professionals it was a very easy choice on where to send them. Not only did SportFuel take a very scientific and specific approach, their results were tangible and impressive. We continually refer all of our clients to SportFuel when they are in need of nutrition consultation because they are simply the best.

Carmine Filice

DC, CSCS, Owner/Founder of The Performance Lab Inc. and Sports Science Consultant Lead for Tennis Canada

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