Is Cholesterol a non-issue?

October 8th, 2012

By Laura Acchione, SportFuel InternIn the article “Down the Cholesterol Rabbit Hole”, Dr. Bruce Eichelberger looks at multiple cholesterol studies and has concluded that cholesterol is a non-issue!In the studies he analyzed, he found that the real truth about cholesterol and heart disease was spelled out, but no one seems to be listening.Below is a summary of his findings.Zero studies prove that saturated fat causes heart diseaseStatin drugs have been pegged as the cure for cholesterol and heart disease, but Statin drugs have many side effects:
  • Promote cell death in heart muscles, blood vessels, and brain cells
  • Reduce body’s source of CoQ-10 (heart protective nutrient)
  • Stimulate cancer in rodents
  • Disturb the function of muscles
  • Can cause birth defects (in pregnant women)

In the mid 1900s, vegetable oil intake increased greatly and people were eating less animal fat—during this same period, heart disease rates rose dramatically

At least half of people who have heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol—these same people frequently have arteries filled of plaque

½ the people in India are vegetarians…they have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world

FDA dietary guidelines recommends low fat/high-carb diet….no scientific research behind it…only money

The Brain is 70% fat…children with ADD usually improve with a diet that includes natural saturated fats

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol help produce testosterone…if men do not consume enough their testosterone levels fall…adequate testosterone is needed for health and quality of life

Obesity epidemic started about the same time the Dietary Guidelines encouraged Americans to eat less meat and more carbohydratesSuccess of Statins may be related to anti-inflammatory effects of drugs….however there are better ways to reduce inflammationIn one study w/ large doses of Statins, there was no proven connection between bad levels of cholesterol and heart diseaseDr. Eichelberger concludes that our cholesterol is a non issue, and instead our diets (which have drastically changed since the 1900s) may actually be the cause of heart disease!