By Aicacia Young, SportFuel Virtual InternSportFuel and Eat Like the Pros are TEAM WILD! We recommend wild salmon and feature only wild, sustainable salmon and other fish on our menu. Here’s why…The farm-raised vs. wild salmon facts:Wild salmon have a better omega-3:omega-6 ratio Farm-raised salmon contain more PCBs (toxins) than wild salmon Wild salmon are naturally “salmon”-colored, but farm-raised salmon is artificially colored Farm-raised salmon are given antibiotics… READ ARTICLE

Count how many symptoms apply to you:DigestiveWeight trouble Nausea Constipation and/or diarrhea Bloating and/or gas Iron deficiency anemiaImmune SystemCancer history – you or your family Celiac disease – you or your family Autoimmune disease – you or your family Arthritis (any type) – you or your family Get infections easilyNeurologicalJoint pains/aches Memory problems Fibromyalgia Brain fog Headaches and/or migraines… READ ARTICLE