Every year there is a new fad diet on the market promising you quick results with minimal effort. One year it seems that everyone is going low-fat and the next year the low-carbohydrate diet is all the rage. What are you to do with the endless supply of nutritionism and complete misdirected approaches to wellness? What if we turned back the clocks and ate a pure diet that most resembled how our primal ancestors ate? One not-so-new diet approach, which has withstood the test of time and is now… READ ARTICLE

By Laura Acchione, SportFuel InternIn the article “Down the Cholesterol Rabbit Hole”, Dr. Bruce Eichelberger looks at multiple cholesterol studies and has concluded that cholesterol is a non-issue!In the studies he analyzed, he found that the real truth about cholesterol and heart disease was spelled out, but no one seems to be listening.Below is a summary of his findings.Zero studies prove that saturated fat causes heart diseaseStatin drugs have been pegged as the cure… READ ARTICLE

Even though it is the middle of summer, it is time for some regular spring cleaning of your pantry and refrigerator in your kitchen!!Small pantries are actually preferred to larger pantries, because the larger the pantry, the more likely you will be to fill it up with boxes and packages of food! It is encouraged to fill your pantry and refrigerator with as many simple, single ingredient foods as possible which will motivate you to make most of your meals from scratch!Vegetable Oils/… READ ARTICLE

By Laura Acchione, SportFuel InternIn May 2011, Julie Burns, owner of SportFuel and Eat Like the Pros meal delivery, was quoted in the Chicago Tribune talking about feeding your Hungry Jocks foods that rot (just making sure to eat them before they do!) So what happens when your “hungry jock” no longer considers dinner to be a meal but only a snack?Follow Julie Burns’ Gospel for Hungry Jocks: “Eat foods that will rot and spoil, but eat them before they do.”Burns explains… READ ARTICLE

By Laura Acchione, SportFuel InternJulie Burns, owner of SportFuel and Eat Like the Pros meal delivery service, was mentioned in a recent Chicago Tribune Article about grabbing a healthy breakfast on the go. How does Burns suggest you revamp your morning breakfast routine? By using her high performance formula:v“Don’t skimp on protein, do cut sugars. In the carb department, grab for colorful fruits, and you’ll be packing antioxidants. Healthy fats—coconut oil and butter—are… READ ARTICLE