The First Step to Wellness is Water

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Do you make an effort to drink a certain amount of water every day? Don’t worry, there’s no shame if you’re not raising your 
hand right now, or more likely telling yourself, 
I know I should, but…”  
As athletes, you are well aware that consistent hydration is essential. It’s vital for your performance. But did you know that making sure your water is pure and contaminant-free is also vitally important? 
The water you drink must be free of all toxins and pollutants so that it is safe for you to consume and won’t burden your body systems with substances that could negatively affect your performance and health.   
Many of you realize that filtered water is healthier, but you may not realize that the tap water from your sink likely has unsafe levels of toxins and pollutants, including heavy metals, bacteria, viruses (yes, viruses), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, petroleum, fluoride, VOCs, and more. Our good friends at Clearly Filtered have a great article that we have linked below that explains the different sources of water contamination common today, along with resources to get information about your own tap water. But for those of you short on time, here’s a quick summary… 
The tap water you drink essentially comes from two sources—surface water (water from lakes, rivers, and streams) and ground water (water from underground aquifers accessed through drilling wells). Both of these sources pose different opportunities for contamination be it before passing through water treatment or after. Things like agriculture, wastewater, and industry pollute our water with harsh chemicals (many of which don’t have an established legal limit so there is no way to know if the amount in our water is even safe to begin with). Additionally, there are thousands of new contaminants being monitored by the EPA that aren’t regulated yet, so the water treatment facilities may not make efforts to control them. In short, you can’t always rely on the fact that your water passes through a water treatment facility to know that it’s contaminant-free and best for your health and performance. 
What CAN you do to protect yourself? You can take action now in your own home. The thought of rigging up your home with an entire filtration system can be overwhelming and expensive, but a first step you can take to ensure that your water is best for your health and performance is to choose a filter for just your drinking water. This will reduce the chemical load on your body which will help to optimize performance and overall health.  
Check out two of our favorite and reliable water filtration companies—Clearly Filtered and Berkey Filters (#ad). We love them so much we use them in our own homes! 
Clearly Filtered  
Berkey Filters 
There’s no better gift this holiday season than the gift of clean water! 
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