GRAB-‘N’-GO BREAKFAST—Julie Burns Mentioned in the Chicago Tribune

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Julie Burns, owner of SportFuel and Eat Like the Pros meal delivery service, was mentioned in a recent Chicago Tribune Article about grabbing a healthy breakfast on the go. How does Burns suggest you revamp your morning breakfast routine?


By using her high performance formula:

“Don’t skimp on protein, do cut sugars. In the carb department, grab for colorful fruits, and you’ll be packing antioxidants. Healthy fats—coconut oil and butter—are essential for making you feel full, utilizing proteins and absorbing minerals.”


Burns, mother of teenage triplets and Dietitian to many professional athletes, says she keeps readymade gluten-free pancake mix in the refrigerator so all she has to do is heat up the pan and make them. And she even suggests putting the pancakes on a paper towel and eating them in the car and on the go!

Other options for a quick and healthy breakfast:


  • Undenatured protein shakes with coconut milk and powdered greens
  • Hard-boiled eggs and bananas
  • Egg muffins, with eggs, ham, and cheese mixed and baked in muffin tins (pre make and reheat in the morning!)
  • Full-fat Greek yogurt with a handful of berries
  • Trader Joe’s microwaveable steel-cut oats (made with Coconut Oil)

For other grab-‘n’-go breakfast options, and more from Julie Burns, read the article here.

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